Repairs & Parts

Engine Repairs

We offer a wide range of engine repair services from a simple belt replacement to full engine rebuilding. We can recondition cylinder heads, replace pistons, big ends, little ends, everything! Give us a call for a quote.


We have specialist gear which allows us to remove, test, and repair or replace injectors within the day. This includes both mechanical issues on the injector itself, and electrical faults on the engine management system.

Electrical Diagnosis

Our auto electrics specialists can diagnose and repair a wide range electrical faults on your van. From a bulb or a cabling fault to body control module or ECU fault, we’ve got the lot covered.

Gearbox Repair & Rebuild

We can remove, repair, rebuild, or replace gearboxes on a wide range of commercial vehicles of all ages.

Paint, Chips, and Dents

From small chips to full re-sprays, we can make your van look as good as new or better. We have a large spray booth measuring 8M x 4M x 3M Height to take any size of panel van. We can remove rust and replace panels, plus remove dents using our miracle puller system, which repairs panels which would normally be unrepairable.


We supply, fit, and balance tyres for all types of vans. We also offer tyre repairs, but this is usually uneconomical due to the low price of our new tyres. We’ll be happy to offer you the most cost effective option.


We can service and repair all elements of your exhaust system including diagnostics, manifolds, catalytic converters, dust particulate filters, and everything else. We can also supply custom stainless exhausts systems.


We can supply and fit batteries for all commercial vehicles including brand name batteries at competitive prices. At the time of writing, we are currently offering a battery with a lifetime guarantee. Please contact us to check availability of this offer.


We repair or replace all elements of clutch assemblies including clutch plates, flywheels and concentrics. We tend to use quality brands such as LUK and Valeo.